What Smells So Good? | Week 10 #BePresent52 | New Cumberland PA

When you go to a hospital, the smell outside is not usually what you remember. Well, not good smells, anyway.

14 years ago, when my parents walked into the Easton Hospital, the smell was exactly what they remembered. Outside, there were these bushes covered in small white flowers that gave off a beautiful fragrance. They were there to see their grand baby be born. My first daughter, the one that made me a mother, was changing things on the inside of the hospital and this shrub was changing things on the outside.


This is that beautiful young lady that made me a mother 14 years ago and that beautiful smell that was found outside the hospital. that smell was coming from Viburnum Shrubs. My parents found the name of that shrub, purchased it and planted it that same year. It has grown just as steadily as she has over the past 14 years and every year, without fail, in April, close to her birthday, it’s fragrant flowers bloom and we’re reminded of that day in Easton when Kendra was born and changed our worlds forever!

This year, I was blessed to have both of my girls looking like they like each other in a picture in front of the shrub.

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