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Senior Picture Location ideas can be difficult to come up with, but that’s where I come in to the picture. My job is to not only capture you in the best light, but help you find the perfect location.

Let me break it down for you. Basically, it boils down to a few things.





Just be cause you have to make a decision, doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple locations. When you book with majorCLICKS, you get to select more than one location. We’ll talk at your pre-session consultation and decide what location(s) are best for not only your personality, but your outfit choices. Here’s some ideas…


High school seniors in urban location

Urban senior pictures don’t have to just mean graffiti., although, the right kind of graffiti can be a great background for some amazing senior pictures. In the big city or even in a small city or suburbs, there’s awesome architecture, brick, cement, iron gates and graffiti walls. Metal fire escapes and church steps are just some of the cool features you can find to use in the city.


High school senior pictures at Messiah College

Sometimes country can mean fields and picket fences. Sometimes it can mean rocks and creeks. Whatever your definition of country, I can help you find it, right here in Central PA. There are some beautiful locations along streams and in parks in our area.


Senior Pictures at Hershey Gardens

Sometimes adding some splashes of color to your senior pictures may be exactly what you are looking for. Spring is a great time to capture these images, as flowers are blooming, grass is greener and trees seem a little brighter. This year, our Spring sessions had to all be moved due to COVID-19 so the flowers will have to wait until we are able to join them this summer…HOPEFULLY!

Senior picture location ideas don’t have to be one more stressor on your senior year plate. If you have ideas, we can talk them out until we decide on a location. There are few places I won’t or can’t shoot. One is private property. Unless you know and get permission from the owner of the property, I won’t shoot on their property. The other is railroad tracks. I won’t shoot on or near them. It’s dangerous and illegal.. Far too many people die each year by trying to get the oh so not cool railroad pics. Don’t make the picture of you on the tracks the last picture you ever take!

I shared some location ideas on a blog about a year ago. Feel free to check it out. I also have a specific location idea guide that I offer to each of my high school senior clients when they book with majorCLICKS. It will be in your welcome email.

Are you ready to book your session for when all of this distancing stuff is over? My calendar is open and ready for you to select your date and time. You can find my calendar here

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  • AmyMay 18, 2020 - 10:41 pm

    Love how you have broken this down with photos of the different location types! And way to go educating on not shooting on railroad tracks!ReplyCancel