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Coming up with your Senior Photo Outfit Ideas can be difficult. I’m hear to help. Get my free What to Wear Guide below and tips on selecting just the right colors for your skin tone.

You are part of a generation that documents everything. You have the power to share and create memories at the tips of your fingers. You’ve mastered the art of the selfie but now it’s time to master your senior photos. Here are some tips that I shared with the Class of 2020 and hope that you also find them helpful!

Nude Under Garments

You really can’t go wrong with nude undergarments. Because it’s usually similar in tone to your skin, it doesn’t appear like a white bra under a white shirt would. Nothing ruins an outfit more than when you can see what you’re wearing underneath your perfectly planned outfit.


There is a fine line between cute and not being able to move your arms, because you’re wearing so many layers. Layers can be the perfect addition to your outfit because they’re so versatile.
See style pages to learn how to create the illusion of a defined waist line with layers.

Body Type

Fruits, geometric shapes, or inanimate objects – choose one to determine your body type. Oh, wait – you’re human? Maybe it’s not that easy to put your body type in a box. We understand and appreciate that everyone is different, so what might be eye-catching on one person, might not flatter you in the exact same way. Specific details are in my What To Wear Guide, but basically, you’re looking at straight, pear, oval, hourglass or inverted triangle. Finding out your shape can help you determine the right clothes.

Three high school seniors in different outfits for their senior photos

Skin Tone

Finding out your skin tone can be done in a few simple steps: Wrist Check, Sunshine Test & Gold or Silver. Sounds vague, right? I know, but my guide will break it all down for you!

Senior Photo Outfit Ideas are not always easy to come up with, but I offer a personal consultation to each of my clients to help you choose exactly what works best for you! Click the button below and get your own free guide on what to wear including details on everything you’ve seen in this blog!

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