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On March 16, majorCLICKS hosted it’s first Self Defense Class for Central PA Teens and their families. It started out for my majorSENIORS Crew and then I opened it up to the public and to my Crew member’s family and friends. A local (at the time) 3rd grade teacher volunteered to teach us all some basic self defense moves. I met Mr. Santiago when he started coaching my daughters Cross Country team last fall. I’d hear LOTS of great things about him over the years, but watching him work with the team was wonderful. He’s really all about encouraging the kids and helping them to be the best that they can be! Hopefully, this won’t be the last he’ll teach us. I think we’re ready for more.

Mr Santiago gave me some background on him to share with you:
“I am a:
– Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Instructor
– Former Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor specializing in passive aggressive self defense, weapons of opportunity (using any object you can reach for defense) and enhanced pain compliance “

Teens and parents at a self defense class

We started with some basic stretching exercises and then everyone paired up to start learning how to protect themselves. We had people from 8-50 (I’m not sure on the 50, but I’m guessing lol) there which was nice to see that this was doable for all age levels. I had 4 girls that were able to make it from my Class of 2020 majorSENIORS Crew. They all brought a friend or family member and Angie brought her dad and boyfriend, which was funny to see them “duke it out”.

Teens and parents at a self defense class

With many of these girls leaving for college or moving out soon, it’s a great time to learn to protect themselves. I’m glad that my girls could go and while we were able to laugh about it, it is a very serious matter. So why should you take a self defense class? Here’s 3 Reasons:

1- It helps you to feel more in control. Even in everyday situations, when we let our guard down, we also let our control down. When you feel like you have something to back yourself up, you feel more in control and more self confident

Parents and teens learning self defense

2- Learn something new. Learning something new is always a benefit and when it’s something like self defense, this can help you no matter the situation.

3-It sends a powerful message, not only to your own brain, but to others. When you can leave your house knowing even just a few techniques. you are able to walk more confidently. Many attackers will opt for a less strong victim

We laughed and learned and I think all of us are ready to learn some more.

How about you?

Interested in joining us for a basic self defense class? You’re in luck. We’re hosting another class on May 19. And then if you want to dig a little deeper than we have in the basic classes, we’re offering a 2nd level class on May 26.

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