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This June, I started Project Beauty Summer 2019. I asked teens in grades 6-12 to be a part of this awesome movement and take some awesome New Cumberland Pictures. This was started by 2 photographers that wanted to help girls feel beautiful without makeup; beautiful from the inside out! So the rules were easy, complete the questionnaire, wear a white top and jeans or jean shorts and no makeup and no (or little) hair product! These girls were first up to be captured in Central PA Teen Pictures. It was great to meet them, hear their laughter and jokes and get to know what they find as true beauty.

Group of 11 teen girls in white tops for project beauty 2019

Meet The Teens

These girls came from not only New Cumberland but Mechanicburg, West Perry and York. I was so excited to have girls join us from several different schools and backgrounds. Some new each other, some had seen each other in the halls, some had never met before. So I made them all super comfortable by putting them in close proximity to each other and making them act like they like each other (ok, so they may not have been comfortable at first, but…). These girls are all so different from each other in looks and in personality. Brown hair, blonde hair, braces, glasses, short hair, long hair, artsy, athletic, book worm, state champ. But ONE thing united them all. Their beauty, inside and out. Oh, and their want to show the world what true beauty is.

Black and white pictures of 3 girls in white tops for project beauty
Brielle, Joey & Aurora
Teen girls in Black and white images in white tops and jeans
Jordan, Ava & Quinn
Teen girls in black and white pictures
Sabrina, Angie & Jamie
Teen girls in black and white pictures in white tops and jean shorts
Leah, Angie & Jordan

I did project beauty a little different last year. I asked the girls some questions and had them complete a survey about themselves. You can see those blogs on my website. There’s 4 of them. Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3 and Blog 4. Take a look at them and see how beautiful these girls are.

teen girls in black and white pictures with white tops and jean shorts
Teen girls in black and white images

If you would like to be a part of the next Project Beauty, please reach out to me today! I’m not sure when I’ll be doing it again, but I know I will be. These girls were wonderful. Make sure you check out my Facebook page and Instagram to see some of what the girls had to say about true beauty!

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