Mechaniscburg Family Photographer | Happy 40th to ME!

Happy 40th to ME!

This post will be a little different from my others. This post is a little more personal than my others. This post, well, this post is about me.  No, scratch that. This post is about this Mechanicsburg Family Photographer AND her family. Mostly her family.

I don’t do lovey very well. I don’t do surprised very well. I don’t like to be the center of attention and I don’t like to not know what is going on or be the last to know. It’s amazing how all of your dislikes can go right out the window when someone does something nice for you.

Mechanicsburg Family Photographer and her two daughters

So here’s the story…

My best friend called me a few weeks ago and said that she and her fiance would be in the area this weekend and wondered if we could get together for dinner and maybe have a few drinks for my upcoming birthday! So earlier in the day on Saturday, I texted her and asked where we were eating. I like to look at the menu if we’re going to some place new. She told me that it was a surprise and that they had made reservations so I let it go. Later, I saw my daughter and I asked her if she knew where Wendy was taking me and she said no. I thought maybe Wendy had texted Kendra and asked her where I liked to go. She said no. Let me add that my dad was sitting on the other side of me and heard me ask her. You’ll need that information later!


I again, let it go and just waited. Wendy and Nate, her fiance, arrived to my house and we chatted a little. Wendy then said that we should go so we weren’t late for the reservation. We got into her car and she hid her phone as she put in the address of the location into her GPS. We chatted as we drove, mostly about the weather. It was extremely foggy and as we crossed the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, you couldn’t even see the river. As we turned into a shopping complex, she asked if I knew where we were going yet. I answered that I had no clue.

It was soon revealed that we were going to Shogun Asian Fusion. We parked and as we got out of the car, I saw a large group of people standing outside of the restaurant. Honestly, my heart sunk that they were there for me. They, however, were not. Just a group of people leaving the restaurant. This Mechanicsburg Family Photographer is actually NOT a people person unless I’m behind the camera, so I was quite nervous at the site of that crowd. We walked into the restaurant and Nate approached the hostess station. I looked around and as I looked to my right, I see a beautiful, familiar smiling face looking back at me. No, it wasn’t a mirror 🙂 It was my beautiful daughter, Kendra. Then I say my youngest, Brielle, still in her bright green soccer jersey from the game earlier in the day. I walked towards them only to see more family and loved ones. My Dad, Brother, Sister in Law, Nephew, Step mom, and a family that has been friends of our family for years were all there to greet me.


Hibachi food and guests at party

All Eyes On ME




Remember me saying I don’t like being the center of attention? YEAH! Out the window. These people were all there for me. These people, my children included, had kept a secret to surprise ME! My children were supposed to be at their dad’s this weekend, so that was a huge surprise.














Apparently, my dad orchestrated the entire thing. He called Wendy and asked her to arrange dinner with me. He spoke to my children’s dad to get them after Brielle’s game so that they could come. That family that has been friends of ours for years, they weren’t supposed to make it because they had another surprise birthday party to go to, but the birthday guy got sick, so I was blessed with them being able to attend, also.

I. WAS. CLUELESS! That’s not always a surprise, but I was certainly surprised last night. These people all took time out of their day for me. Ok,maybe they were there for the food, but we’re going to believe that they came for me.

After a wonderful hibachi dinner and getting to try some new things, we all went back to my parents for cake and ice cream. I walked in to find an emoji theme, photo booth and poop emoji balloons (my favorite emoji). It’s like they get me or something. Even if they don’t get me, they love me and showed that by being part of the celebration of my 40 years on this earth.

Party guests in front of emoji party sign

40th Birthday party


Most of them may never read this blog post but thank you. Thank you dad for planning everything and bringing the family together. Thank you to all of you that came and celebrated ME! As uncomfortable as I was to walk in and see everyone there for me, I appreciate it more than you can ever know! And yes, I may be tearing up slightly as I type this. Therefore, I’ll end since I can’t see the screen anymore.


40th Birthday Guests

P.S. All images are cell phone images of the events taken by many of us


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