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Big Daddy Weave Concert

As someone who captures Mechanicsburg Family Pictures, I love taking my own family to different adventures around our area. Last year, I surprised my daughters with tickets to a Big Daddy Weave Concert for Christmas. They were coming to a local church and performing with Zack Williams and We are the Messengers. See that blog post here. This year, I got tickets again and also got them for my youngest daughters best friend and her sister to go with us. 

Christian Life Assembly Church

The doors to the concert opened at 6pm and the concert was to start at 7. We left at 5 so that we could get in line. We had general admission tickets so seating was first come first serve. We drove over to the church and were surprised to see no other cars in the parking lot. There were to be food trucks and the plan was to get some food and wait in line while we ate and waited for the doors to open. However, not seeing any cars in the parking lot, we decided to grab Subway and go back to see if others had arrived yet. We got back to a still empty parking lot. I was pretty confused until my youngest asked if I was sure that this was the right church. Well, no I really wasn’t sure. I just assumed that it was at the same church as last year. So I pulled up the event on Facebook and sure enough I was wrong. That’s what I get for assuming. Luckily, the other church was only 3 minutes away. So off we went.

When we got there, the line was already pretty long. There are several entrances to the church so we just pulled into the first one and parked and made our way to the line. It didn’t take long for us to start moving and before we knew it, we were inside and looking for a seat. We made our way up the stairs to the balcony and found some seats. Oddly enough, I looked across the isle and there was a group from our church there. 2000 people fill up a church quickly. We went to get snacks and see people we know from our old church. Always amazes me in a group of people that large that you still see people you know.

Praise Hands are better than Jazz Hands

Hands raised in worship


Seeing the 4 teens I had with me sing and clap and worship made this mamas heart sing. I must admit, I balled like a baby when I felt the Holy Spirit moving in that place. 1000’s of hands raised in praise. It really doesn’t get more moving than that.







People Worshinping at the Big Daddy Weave Concert



Unless you’re a single woman and there’s a couple 2 rows in front of you, hands raised together and then kneel to pray together. You can see the couple in this image and the next image is 2 men standing and praising. There’s nothing more attractive to me than seeing a man worship and pray. To these men’s wives, way to go. Congratulations on having a spouse that will worship and pray with you. I’m holding out for that myself.




Big Daddy Weave and Brandon Heath in concert

What an amazing night this was. It was great to walk out to the car and be able to sit and talk with these young ladies about the evening. It was awesome to hear that they cried and loved the music and really felt the movement of the evening.

Mom and teen girls at Big Daddy Weave Concert

Another amazing experience for this Mechanicsburg Family Photographer with my Lord and Savior!



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