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Dear Mom,

I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking us, kicking and screaming to that Mechanicsburg Family Photographer to take our family pictures when we were little. I know it wasn’t easy and you dreaded it every step of the way, but I was digging through that old box of pictures today, and I found some of them that you had printed.



I look back at them now and wonder how you did it. We sure are cute in those pictures but then I found that one of Jilly looking, well, you know, like her devil horns had poked out and I remembered how you used to tell us that it was a good thing that she was cute because, boy was she bad.





You wouldn’t know it in these pictures from that day. We look so precious sitting with you and giving kisses and hugs. I smiled and laughed and cried looking at them. Like I said, I know it wasn’t easy for you. Getting two small children and yourself ready and looking presentable and off for pictures couldn’t be easy. But you did it. Year after year. Because you knew that someday, those pictures would mean something to us.

And you were right (as usual). Looking through these pictures today was just what I needed. I needed to be reminded that it gets easier and that they grow up and leave home and someday I’ll look back at pictures of them and wish for one small minute that I could go back. I know that the endless laundry, the lack of manners, the constant fighting was tough. But it doesn’t come close to the memories like this day in the pictures. The laughter and how beautiful you look make me remember it like it was yesterday.

Being a mom is hard. I didn’t realize just how hard until I became a mom myself, which I think you also knew, somehow. I try to remember that the attitude and sass of today won’t last as long as the memory of her coming to sit by me on the couch and leaning her head on me will. And that the memories that the Mechanicsburg Family Photographer captured for me and my children will be just as important to my kiddos as the memories are that she captured for you and yours.

So, Thank you, mom. Thank you for being beautiful, even when you didn’t think you were and letting our family memories be forever captured so that we have them to look back on. I appreciate you stressing over what to wear and how you looked and how we looked (and behaved) so that some day we could look back at these memories and smile.

We All Need to Smile

You knew that we needed to smile and you did all that you could to preserve those little smiles for us. When we came home broken and bruised, you held us together, just like in the picture of you with your arms around us. You held the family together.

Thank you.

Love you, mom!

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Mechanicsburg Family Photographer

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