majorSENIORS Crew Galentine’s Party | Lemoyne, PA

When your Class of 2020 majorSENIORS Crew requests to meet your class of 2021 Crew and hang out with them, you make a Galentine’s Party happen for them all. We gathered on February 2 in Lemoyne, PA to take some pictures, have some laughs and of course, eat some chocolate.

High school senior girls in pink tops at Galentine's Party

Galentine’s Party 2020

While some of these girls knew each other prior to this party, several had never met each other. We laughed and had a great time. I love when they ask me “will you take this picture” or “that picture”! I love it. These girls have each other’s backs and a year ago at this time, they had just met. This year, we got to get together again and speak a little bit of truth into each other.

To see all of the truth, go visit my Instagram or Facebook page. I asked the girls to write something about each other. The girls in the “hot seat” didn’t see what all of the other girls wrote about them. Some brought tears to my eyes. Some made me smile. Some just plane warmed my heart. But all of them were the truth, seen by another, in the one that sat in the middle. Things we often do not or can not see in ourselves.

Girls with red and white balloons celebrating Galentine's Day

I also had the girls each take a chalk board and write something that they love about themselves on the board. It could be anything. It’s funny how much longer it took them to come up with something about themselves that they love compared to something they like about a friend. See what they came up with below!

3 senior girls showing what they love about themselves.
3 high school seniors showing us what they love about themselves on a chalk board
4 high school seniors showing what they love about themselves

To top it off, we are introducing video in the coming months and we used the Galentine’s Party as a practice shoot. Not to mention, it was fun and the girls loved it! Check out the video below.

Are you starting to think about your senior pictures? It’s never too early. Feel free to contact me today to start getting your special day set up!

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