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Pool party with high school girls jumping in the air

When you join the majorSENIORS Crew, it’s more than just photo shoots. It’s friends and fun. It’s encouragement and hand holding when you need it. It’s laughter and learning. I think I learn as much from the crew as I hope they do from me. At our Mechanicsburg Pool Party, I enjoyed sitting and listening to these wonderful girls chat about school and life and what’s been going on. They talk like old friends and no matter their background, they get along. They are all so different. They’ve seen different things, their schools are different, their friends are different, their families are different, but they come together under the majorSENIORS Crew as family and I couldn’t be more proud of the sisterhood that they have helped me create with them!

Pool Party with High School Seniors

We had a beautiful day for the pool party and were thankful to Mechanicsburg Senior, Amalia’s family for allowing us to hang out and enjoy for a few hours. Part of my favorite thing about the group events is when the girls put their own pictures together.

High School Senior Girls Pool Party Pictures

The picture on the left is one of these said pictures. You see, back in February when we all first met, there’s kind of an EPIC image with a rubber chicken and the girls at the pool party wanted to recreate the image inn the order and even looked for something that they could use as the chicken. these girls crack me up!

High School Senior Girls In A pool with sun hats on

Earlier this month, I wanted to try out taking some pictures of the girls at a local carnival. I decided on the East Pennsboro Carnival since I thought it would be smaller and less crowded than some others. I have to say, I was a little disappointed in the carnival and in the willingness of the staff to allow us to use different spots to take pictures, but we managed to have some fun anyways. Even though it was a gazillion degrees and only 3 of my crew and my daughter could attend.

Teen pictures at a local small town carnival

There’s such fun colors at a carnival, even if the people weren’t so great! Beautiful colors + Beautiful teens=beautiful images.

High school Senior Pictures of girls at a carnival
Senior Pictures of girls at a carnival

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Interested in more info about the Class of 2021 crew when it comes out? Leave your info for me and I’ll make sure you get the deets FIRST!!

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  • Magical Memories By Michelle, LLCOctober 4, 2019 - 12:23 pm

    I love, love, love everything about your Senior Crew!!! The photos are fantastic and I’ve always wanted to shoot at a carnival! How fun! I’m sure their senior pictures will be amazing!ReplyCancel