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Week 3 #bepresent52

They won’t be little forever.

They won’t want you to be around forever.
They won’t think you’re cool enough to be around forever.

But for now…

For now, she wants to have lunch with her mom.

For now, she wants me to come and see her at lunch time.

For now, she wants me to be around her and her friends.

And I’m thankful!

You see, this is the last year my baby will be able to have her mom come to school to eat lunch with her. Next year, she moves on to middle school and there just isn’t room there for parents to come eat lunch.

I didn’t always want to go to lunch. In fact, I found it annoying that she asked me to ~ I know, terrible mom~. But one day, it hit me that she won’t want me around forever and I need to value the times that she does want me around.

I’m not the coolest parent, I’m sure of that. I’m not the uncoolest, I’m also sure of that. But as a single mom, raising two tween girls, I’ve learned to be the mom they need me to be, or at least I hope I have.

And that means leaving work for an extra little bit to go have lunch with my mini me. At the beginning of the school year, we decided I’d come on the first of each month, or the closest school day to it. Well,January was screwy because of the new year and my PRK surgery, so lunch didn’t happen until last week. 

4, maybe 5 more times I’ll have this opportunity. 

4, maybe 5 more times to show her that I’m there for her even in such a little way as having lunch with her.

3 or 4 more times to see her at school with her friends and make a positive impact on them all.

4 or 5 more times I won’t trade for the world!

Her choice for lunch:

 But no one said she’d let me take a picture with her:

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