Longwood Gardens | Christmas Lights

Christmas is a wonderful time for Family Pictures and probably the most popular time to have them taken. Family is home and together and putting on fake smiles already. Why not capture the moment forever.

My boyfriend and I visited Longwood Gardens near Philadelphia, PA this past weekend. I had been there a long time ago at Christmas but it’s been many years. Matt had never been there. We went in late afternoon and were able to see some of the details that makes up this beautiful Christmas scene.

Longwood Gardens is filled with beautiful sites in light or dark. The lake had beautiful fog over it. The pictures didn’t do it justice, though. We explored tree houses and paths. We drank hot chocolate (without the whisky, lol). We started out with wonderful weather. It was quite iffy all week if it would rain or not, but were blessed with another lovely afternoon.

It started sprinkling as we were heading for the Conservatory. What a beautiful area. You could spend hours in there walking through all of the beauty!

There were water features, greens, beautiful poinsettias and an entire room of all sorts of orchids. Gorgeous, Gorgeous Orchids.

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