I Love Me | New Cumberland Senior Photos

Most think that this time of year is all about who loves you and how much candy and how many roses you can over pay for. Personally, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I celebrate the day after my birthday and those that I love, but I don’t need over priced flowers and candy to show anyone or be shown how much someone loves me. So for my first session with my Class of 2020 majorSENIORS Crew, these New Cumberland Senior Photos focus on why my girls love themselves.

It was funny when I told them this is what we were going to do. Some of them had a hard time deciding what to right. We don’t often think about how wonderful we are, but when we wait for others to tell us, it could be a while. Take time daily for positive affirmations. Your head will thank you

Beautiful brunette in red tube top
Allison says she loves herself because she’s motivated. That’s a great trait to have!
High school junior girl in white top and jeans with sign
Donya writes her own path! I LOVE this reason.
High school junior girl with black hair, glasses and a white top
Amalia’s reason for loving herself very well might be my favorite. She is a luxury FEW can afford!
Brunette girl with bangs in flowered cold shoulder top
Brave and kind. Sounds like two great things to be to me. Way to go Melodie!
Blond girl in denim jacket and black shirt
Finding high school kids that want to give back is a wonderful thing. I love Jaidyn’s giving heart!
Brunette high school junior girl in white off the shoulder top
Outgoing is something I am not and that I definitely envy in others. Go on with your outgoing self, Angie!
High school Junior girl in black long sleeve top
Determination will get you everywhere in life. Keep that love, Gabby!
Black haired girl in black top and jeans.
Another helper, here in Zeena! YES girl!
Brunette girl with curly hair and wearing a black shirt with green jacket
There is only one you, Jordan! A beautifully, unique YOU!
Blond girl in white top
Positive affirmations and believing in your dreams is HUGE! Stick with it, Brianna!

These girls will accomplish big things in life, I have no doubt. Take this Valentine’s Day to look in the mirror and remind #1 how special she is! She’ll thank you some day!

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