Hershey Bears | Week 9 #BePresent52 | Hershey Pennsylvania

I realize that we are past Week 9 in the year and this blog only says it’s Week 9, but with my website being down, blogging went out the window, just when I was getting in the flow of it! So we’re back and I may not have 52 posts this year, but I’ll keep going till the end of the year!

When you participate in Hoops for Heart in Elementary School, at least at our school, you get a free ticket to a Hershey Bears game and discounted tickets for family. We decided to take advantage of a game this year.
Hershey Bears Game

Kendra, Brielle and I climbed stair after stair to get to our nose bleed seats that actually turned out to be really great seats. Oddly enough, one of Brielle’s friends from school and her family were there as well, so she ended up sitting with them some.

Hershey Bears game

During intermission, a youth girls hockey team played. They were so tiny, weather it was how they actually were or just how far away from them we were, they were so cute!

Hershey Bears game

I think Hockey is the only professional sport that has two national flags displayed. Maybe not, but I’ve not seen them at others!

And what’s a sporting event without good eats? We had wings and popcorn and cotton candy!

Hershey Bears


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  • CarrieMay 5, 2017 - 2:11 pm

    Seems like a great night! That cotton candy looks yummy!ReplyCancel