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National Compliment Day

January 24 is National Compliment Day. I thought this would be a great time to showcase some Harrisburg Teen Pictures because THEY need the compliments MOST!!!! Our teen and tween age group deal with more than we ever did when we were their age. They know more. They see more. They feel more. Shouldn’t we build them up? Shouldn’t we want our children to feel strong and proud of who they are? Inside and out?

Harrisburg Teen Pictures Mechanicsburg

Who’s the siblings?

These three young ladies above are ALL special and beautiful. Two of these Central PA girls are sisters. Can you guess which ones? I bet you picked the middle one and the one on the right, right? NOPE! We tend to judge books by their covers, don’t we? They both have dark hair so they must be related. The beauty in the middle is my oldest. The two teens on the ends are sisters and have been friends of our family for years! They are all smart, funny and beautiful.

Harrisburg Teen Pictures

The girls in these images all look like they could be sisters, don’t they? Well, two of them are. The one in the shorts in the big pictures is my youngest and the sister of that brunette in the first pictures I mentioned. Totally different in looks and personality, yet so beautiful in their own ways. One of my favorite things about my youngest is her willingness to complement someone on something she likes. I take Harrisburg Teen Pictures often and she is always first to tell someone that she likes their shirt or thinks they’re pretty or likes their hair. She’s never shy about giving someone a compliment and I have made a goal for myself this year to be more like that. It’s amazing what we can learn from this younger generation.

Harrisburg Teen Pictures

Harrisburg Teen Pictures

So, taking a cure from my kiddo, who will you compliment today? Tell your mom you like her shirt. Maybe you like your teacher’s shoes. How about the person at the drive thru? We all need a little pick me up now and then. Don’t wait until January 24 for National Complement Day to help build someone up. You never know what type of day someone is having before you brighten it with kind word. After all, if a 12 year old girl can do it without batting an eye, why can’t you?

Harrisburg Teen Pictures

I’d love to know who you complement today. Let me know in the comments below. And definitely let me know if someone complements you! Looking for Harrisburg Teen Pictures for one of your kiddos? Let me know by contacting me HERE! And don’t miss a beat of these beautiful Teens by following me on Instagram!

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    Hi! I’m in Mechanicsburg and I’m looking for someone to take pictures of my teen daughter. I’ll send you a note!ReplyCancel