Harrisburg Family Portraits | Broad Street Market Family Session

Harrisburg Family Portraits

When a client reaches out to you in December for a session the first week of January, the wheels start turning as to where we might be able to do a Harrisburg Family Portraits session and not freeze our butts off. I’m willing to be cold and bundle up, but clients have to be able to look semi un-frozen in their family pictures. I mean, who wants their family picture to look like Frosty the Snowman’s family?

Location Ideas

I discussed with Jenna the fact that it would be cold and we decided we would suck it up. Jenna wanted Harrisburg family Portraits to gift to her parents for Christmas of her and her siblings. So time was limited on when we could get together. We selected the first weekend in January as her parents were to be out of town and it would be easy for her to get her brothers dressed nicely and out the door. The youngest brother was excited in the weeks leading up to the session because he got to keep a secret from his parents.

Siblings walking through Broad Street Market Harrisburg

The day we met for Jenna and her brother’s Harrisburg Family Portraits, It was a blustery 25 degrees. The wind made it worse and did I mention that there were flurries? We opted to meet inside The Millworks building to hopefully get out of the cold air for a while. We were able to capture some images inside. The Millworks is a beautiful building with gorgeous lines and light.

Siblings sitting on steps and bench in The Millworks

Braving the Cold

We decided to brave the cold, well, Jenna did, for the images at the beginning of this blog. Jenna is lucky that her brothers already know she’s crazy, so they just went along with whatever she said. 🙂 We grabbed a few images outside of The Broad Street Market before walking through it to the other end to capture the family walking shot. The brothers were not pleased that Jenna wanted another chot outside, but went along with her without putting up too much of a fight!

Harrisburg Siblings by lightpost

Harrisburg Siblings inside The Millworks

Jenna and her brothers were real troopers and when I delivered the images to her and she showed her parents, she left me this review:

“She made the entire experience very easy and comfortable. She was very patient and understanding when my brothers wouldn’t cooperate for the pictures and was very professional throughout the whole thing. The pictures turned out incredible and I can’t wait to gift them to my parents!!”

Cold or hot, if you’re looking for Family Pictures Reach out to me! Check out my Facebook page to see updated images and stay up to date.

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