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You had it all planned out. Walking across the stage. Sending out grad cards. Having the party. Saying goodbye to high school with your friends and family. And then, the world went nuts and now it’s all up in the air. Grad card ideas aren’t as easy as they were when you had it all planned out, but now, I’ve got grad card ideas for you.

I can imagine that seniors and their families must feel all of this so much more that the rest of us. Senior year has not gone as you expected and things are just up in the air.

One way that you can share this time with friends and family and celebrate is to send graduation announcements. This will keep everyone in the loop and is also a really uplifting way to use your images.

What do I put on my cards?

Idea 1: High School Highlights

Include some things that you accomplished while in high school. Your grade point average. A sports accomplishment. Maybe even states in band. It is a great way to include some of the best memories that your senior was a part of.

High school senior grad cards of a senior boy
High School highlights

Idea 2: Future plans instead of dates and times

Instead of dates and times for information on the card, use them to announce where the senior plans to go to college or any plans the senior may have after high school. Tech school, college, job or traveling around the world. Inquiring minds want to know!

High school senior girls grad card ideas
Future Plans

Idea 3: Add a meaningful quote

This option allows you to add a personal touch to the announcement. You could either decide as a family on a quote that really represents what your senior is all about or, the senior can choose a quote that helped get them through high school. Either way, it will add meaning and help add character to your graduation announcement.

High school girls graduation announcement
Add a quote

Idea 4: Stick to your party plans

If you are planning your party for later in the summer, hopefully we’ll be back up and running as a society, you’ll still be able to celebrate your senior. Invite family and friends to celebrate with you.

High school senior girl graduation card
Have a party

Idea 5: Show off your senior

Sometimes, it’s enough to just celebrate your senior with your senior pictures. This is a great way to share their pictures. I like to encourage my senior families to use one solid image on the back and multiple images and words on the front. This allows family and friends to frame the single image and saves you in printing 5×7’s for family and friends.

Senior girl grad card

Using this time to brighten your friends and families day (and their mailboxes) with your senior’s face could be just what they need.

If you are ready to get your grad cards chosen and designed, please reach out to me. Print times are impacted and we want to give them as much time as we can so you can get these cards out in the email.

If you are ready to talk or have some questions, reach out today!

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