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High school senior girl in white dress

Harrisburg Senior Pics

This week, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Gabby, a Class of 2020 senior from Central Dauphin High School. We headed to Fort Hunter for her Harrisburg Senior Pics.

Gabby’s first scheduled session got rained out so we rescheduled for a breezy, overcast day, but it was better than getting wet while trying to take pretty pictures.

Central Dauphin High School senior girl in white tank top and jeans

Gabby’s favorite color is blue and her favorite drink is water. I’m guessing water is how she keeps her “girly figure”. lol. Her Grandma, Gabby and I met in Harrisburg, right outside of the Capital and walked around a couple of blocks in that area for her senior pics.

High school senior girl in white tank top and jeans in the city

This high school senior’s dream job is an Elementary School Teacher. Her biggest accomplishment in High School so far is getting good grades and making the lacrosse team.

An unusual talent that Gabby has is that she can sing “head shoulders knees and toes” in French. i can’t believe after knowing her for over a year that I haven’t made her prove this to me yet. Not that I would understand, so she could say mostly anything in French and I’d believe her since I don’t speak French! 🙂

Harrisburg senior pics at the capital in a jean skirt and short sleeve top

This Central Dauphin Senior’s favorite place on Earth is France or Bora Bora. Both places I would love to visit myself someday.

When asked what her favorite song is, she replied “Too many! But “Too Much to Ask” by Niall Horan”.

Her favorite quote or saying is “Live life to the fullest”

And her favorite things in her closet are her Jean jacket, jean skirt, oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, booties, sneakers (converse, new balance). She’s quite the fashionista!!

High school senior pics of a blond girl in a white sundress

I loved this dress on her. The wind blowing and her floating down this little path. SO. VERY. BEAUTIFUL!

The person Gabby most wants to meet is Gigi Hadid. Do you know who that is? I didn’t, so I looked her up!!!

Gabby wishes she was better at singing and something she always has in her purse is Chapstick (ME TOO) and perfume.

As for most seniors, Gabby’s favorite app on her phone is Instagram

After High School, her goal is to go to college and move. I can’t wait to see where Gabby ends up after college. Her hobbies or activities include playing soccer and lacrosse, listening to music, reading and exercising

One of the top things Gabby wants to be able to do is to give back to the homeless!! What an amazing heart she has!!

Senior girl in rose colored shirt and jeans

Gabby was excited for her senior year because it would be her last. Unfortunately, I bet, like the rest of us, we didn’t expect this year to get cut so short.

Gabby’s friends would describe her as Caring, bubbly, crazy, thoughtful. I would definitely agree with that from the time I met her.

I know that things are strange right now, but life will go back to a new sense of normal. When they do, it will be time for class of 2021 senior pictures. From now until April 30, you can save $100 on that senior session. My normal session retainer is $199. You can pay now, book later for just $99. If you’re interested in this deal or want to see my mini senior guide, CONTACT ME TODAY!

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