DIY Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This time of year is all about giving. That giving can be tough when teens aren’t full of cash, however, I’ve got an affordable gift that is easy to make and better to give. DIY projects are all the rage so why not give out DIY Christmas Gifts.

Craft Supplies to make Christmas Ornaments

To make this ornament you will need:

1- My Printable Photoshop Template

2- 2″ Wood Blocks

3- Mod Podge

4- 9/16″ hooks

5- Scissors

6- Paint Brush or Sponge

7- Ribbon for hanging

To start, download my Template to create your personalized blocks and add your own images to the grey squares or delete the Christmas images and add 6 of your favorite images to create a complete ornament great for displaying year round.

To make your ornaments, collect the list of items needed above and find a flat surface to work on. Once you have printed your images, cut each square out and set aside to use later. The template has enough for 2 wooden ornaments on it.


Wooden block ornament

Use a ruler to draw an “X” from corner to corner on one side of the block. Take a hook and start to screw it into the center cross point of the “X”. I used a small pair of pliers to screw in the hook. I found this to be easier on my fingers.

DIY ornament craft. Wooden block

Take the square piece that you want on the top and cut in from the corner to allow it to fit easily around the screw. Use your brush to place a layer of mod podge on the wood ornament and smooth the print out onto the top of the ornament. Proceed to place each of the next 5 pictures onto the sides you want them on after placing a layer of mod podge on the wood before the paper.

Once you have all of the pictures on block, apply a thin layer of mod podge to all sides to seal them and protect them. Cut a 9″ piece of ribbon and knot it through the screw.

VOILA!!! Ornament complete! Now comes the fun part!! THE GIVING!!!

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