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Dear Eddie,

I didn’t know it when our paths crossed today, that I would need what you had to say. I didn’t know that my daughter and I would make an impact on your life or your mom’s life, OR that YOU would make an impact on mine and hers.

You see, Eddie, neither she nor I are people, people. We like to stay quiet and not talk to people if at all possible. BUT with you, that’s not possible. You, in your unknowing way, make people talk to you, because it makes you feel joy to talk to them. And who are we to hinder that joy.

When i left the salon yesterday and Sue and your mom thanked me for having an amazing daughter, I got tears in my eyes as we left. I know in my heart that BOTH of my daughters would have conversed with you and answered your questions and allowed you into their day. It broke my heart to hear that not all kids would do that and I’m sure that is something that you have experienced your entire life. I’m sure that your mom’s heart breaks daily for you and for the mean people that don’t answer your would you rather questions.

Eddie, I know you may never see this but I want you and your mom to know that I see you! I see your light shining in this sometimes dark world and I’m blessed to have been a small part of your day yesterday.

Eddie, thank you for allowing us to answer your questions and for putting us out of our comfort zones. Sometimes we need that and your smiling face is just the person to do it.

Eddie, you keep on being Eddie and to Eddie’s mom, here’s a little hug and smile across the inter-webs to you on what I’m sure has not been an easy parenting road for you. I’m sure that when you see Eddie smile it brightens your entire week. I know it did mine.

I don’t know if you are a believer or not but today as I heard this song, I thought of my Grandpa that had MS and walked with a cane for as long as I can remember and how this song came out around the time he passed away and how I saw him dancing with Jesus when I listened to this song.

Someday, Eddie, we’ll all dance with you and you’ll know ALL of the answers. Someday, Eddie, you won’t be different and no one will look at you cross or say mean things to you.

Someday, Eddie! Someday!

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