Craft Time | Central PA Photographer | Week 4 #BePresent52

Occasionally, my tween daughters will help me with one of mu businesses. During these moments, I’m reminded how blessed I am to have these two beautiful young ladies as my daughters. They are really amazing, inside and out. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything to deserve them, but God blessed me with them anyway! That is Grace, my friends! Pure Grace!

In January, we began crafts to prepare for my majorSENIORS Crew Valentine Day Photo Shoot. When you start a small business, at least for this Central PA Photographer, you don’t have a ton of money to spend on props and locations, so you Dollar Store things and you make them work.

Thanks to a crafty step mother, we had all of the heart paper punches we could possibly need and thanks to Pinterest, I had all of the inspiration I needed.

I needed to make heart garland from paper hearts and fishing line and confetti in case I ran out of the sparkly stuff I splurged on.doing crafts

Brielle set out to make the confetti while watching some TV.
Making crafts

While she was punching till her fingers hurt, Kendra and I took on the heart garland task.

When we had several strands of hearts done and dried, the girls tied them to the umbrellas.


Three umbrellas raining hearts, paper candy hearts cut out and confetti made. Check out my Valentine Session with my majorSENIORS Crew on the blog on February 14. Those girls rocked it and had an amazing time!
Here’s the link to my BLOG so you don’t miss the session images!
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