Class of 2020 | COVID-19 SUCKS

A salute to the Class of 2020:

High school senior girls outside in greenery

Your Senior year has been thrown to the crapper and you’re the ones that are left to pick up the pieces. You thought you had months left to make memories, laugh in the school halls and joke about things at the lunch table. But some bat somewhere around the world gave all of that a swift ending by spreading this virus world wide and creating a pandemic (whatever that means).

Class of 2020 seniors

If you know me, you know that sarcasm is my first language and my main way of coping. So, while I know what a pandemic is (who doesn’t at this point), it’s, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

Brunette senior girls in nature with shorts on

THIS IS ABOUT YOU, CLASS OF 2020. This time is supposed to be about making memories, prom, graduation, senior skip day (which is kinda every day, now), senior prank and more. Not some flipping virus that shut it all down.

High school senior girls in nature with jeans on

I’m not going to give you some pep talk about how it still could be or can be. Or how you can still make the best of this.. This sucks, and I AM SORRY!

I’m sorry that you all are having to go through this. Through the not knowing. Through the loss. Through the heartache. Through the social distancing and the rules and the changes. I’m sorry.

In case no one else tells you, Class of 2020, I’m sorry. You deserve to hear that from someone. You deserve better. You deserve more. Be proud that you are graduating in this class. In a class that no one else in your group of peers can say they’ve been a part of. One day, “remember the year that virus closed down the world” will be a common sentence and you are part of that year!

On the bright side, no other senior class will be able to say that they went through what you have or got out of their senior year of classes as early as you did. If there’s a silver lining, look for it, because, Class of 2020, YOU deserve it

Did you miss getting your Class of 2020 Senior Pictures taken and are ready to have them done when this craziness is over? Reach out to me here.

Take a minute to check out these Class of 2020 Senior’s full sessions on the blog.

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Class of 2021, your time is coming. This will all be over soon and you will need to schedule your senior picture session. I know things are up in the air right now, so get on the list to know when dates are released and it’s time to book when all is safe again! Leave me your email and you’ll be the first to know.

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  • Christine ReynoldsApril 30, 2020 - 5:19 pm

    We ordered a GRAD SIGN for our yard from Jodi.  It is just a small way we can show our son how proud we are of him.  It turned out great.  In fact, it was to be rainy and windy here today, and our son brought it inside so the wind did not damage it in anyway.  We thought he might be embarrassed about it in the yard, but he loves it and wants to keep it nice for the whole summer.  Who knew!? ReplyCancel

    • majorclicksphotographyMay 4, 2020 - 2:47 pm

      I’m so glad he likes it. Dalton’s session was one of my favs from the Class of 2020. Wishing him the best of luck in the future!!ReplyCancel