Central PA Academy of Gymnastics | #BePresent52 Week 12 | Mechanicsburg Photographer

Last weekend, this Mechanicsburg Photographer got to step out of her comfort zone and photograph her daughter’s gymnastics show.

Brielle took gymnastics a couple of years ago at Central PA Academy of Gymnastics in Mechanicsburg, PA but decided it wasn’t for her. Last fall, when her new best friend was taking a higher level class there, she went along to watch. By the end of her class, she was calling to say that she had tried out and made it into her friends class if I could get the papers and payment to them the next day. Only she would be able to go to watch and leave as a member. She certainly has a way with people and with words.

This 11 year old has grown in strength and power and ability and it’s amazing to watch her fly through the air and over and around bars. When my children accomplish something I know I am not currently or may never have been able to complete myself, I believe I am even more overwhelmed with pride.

I know how blessed I am to be able to attend my children’s events and activities. My images of her Mechanicsburg show are not my best, as I’m not used to photographing indoors this much, but the power of my young lady I believe still shows through. She’s amazing and learning and growing every class! Enjoy the images and her beauty!


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