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9 Reasons to get In The Picture

As mom’s, getting into the pictures with our families isn’t top on our priority list, right? I know it’s not on mine. Making mom’s feel beautiful in Central PA Family Photos is important. I know how hard we are on ourselves because I am hard on myself. We think we’re too fat, too pale, too jiggly or too ugly.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we’re the only ones that see us like that. For instance, I feel many of these things about myself, but when someone tells my youngest that she’s my “mini mi” and looks just like me, I have to pause for a minute. You see, I think she is just beautiful. She’s smart, funny, strong willed and amazingly pretty. So if I created her and she looks like me, aren’t I all of those things as well? And when we look at ourselves in pictures and see the fat roll or the arms that are too big, our children don’t see that. They see the arms that love them when they’ve done wrong, the legs that hold them when they sit on their laps and the faces of the mother’s that cried tears of joy the day they were born.

So, without further ado, my 9 Best Tips for Getting in your Central PA Family Photos…

1- talk to your photographer about your insecurities. It’s our job to create beautiful photos of your family and we’ve been trained to help make you look the best that you can. Telling us that you dislike your arms or hips will help us to know how to position you in the pictures to make you look your best.

2-Getting in the pictures with your family shows your children that you are important and you love yourself (even if you don’t feel it inside). As the single mom of 2 girls, this is VERY important. They need to know that they are valuable and worthy of love and deserve the very best this life has to offer them.

3- Your babies don’t see your cellulite or fat rolls. They see the woman that kissed away your tears, held you when your first boyfriend (or best friend) broke up with you and the face that is proud of the children that they are and the teenagers that they are becoming.

4- Get in the Selfie, or as I like to refer to it, the US-ie. Our children are the generation of selfies yet they will also be the most forgotten generation because those images aren’t printed. Get in the image with them. If they are going to post online, be in the image. Show the world your imperfections and that your babies love you all the same. Central PA Family Photos are super important.

5- Pictures are memories frozen in time. When you get in the picture, you’re allowing your memory to be captured for generations to come. Grandkids, Great Grandkids and family all around will be able to see those images and immediately flash back to what happened at that moment and the feelings that went a long with it.

6- Dads, show your wives your love by taking the camera AWAY! If mom is taking the picture, she’s probably not in the picture. So take the camera and put mom in the picture while you take it for once. She may put up a fight, but it’s important for the kids and her to know you value he memory.

7- Your kids don’t care if you have your hair done. They see you in the morning, before the shower, when the hair is a mess and greasy. Why do you think they care if your hair isn’t perfect in the image? Social media makes us think they do because so and so’s mom looks amazing. So and so’s mom doesn’t live my life. She likes doing her hair and looking made up. I don’t. I’m me. I’m the best mom my kids have, so they’ll have photos of this mom.

8- YOU LOVE YOUR KIDS! Nuf said!

9- You’re kids love you!

Pictures of mom with her two daughters. Get in the picture

BONUS 10- Pictures give our children more than memories. In Central PA Family Photos, they can help tell them who and where they come from. Why do I have curls? Where do my blue eyes come from? Why do I have thick thighs? Pictures will help your children and grandchildren to answer these questions long after you’re gone.

So if you’re ready to be unforgettable in pictures with your kiddos, contact me HERE or if you’d like to see more about my family sessions, check out this link

I’d love to help you make some amazing memories!!

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