7 Places To Use Your New Headshot | Harrisburg Head Shot Photography

Last week in my blog, we talked about 3 reasons to get a new head shot. This week, I’ll help you find 7 places to use that new Harrisburg Head Shot Photography.

  1. Your email signature- This is a great place to make your emails more personal and help people to put a face to your name.
  2. Your comments on other blogs and web sites- Again, this helps to put a face to the name. People do business with people that they know, like and trust and seeing your face makes you more known
  3. Your website- When people come to your website, seeing your friendly face there, again helps them to know you.

4. Social Media

5. Social Media

6. Social Media

7. Social Media- There are so many public outlets now that require you to have image that the world sees as YOU! Your social media image should be consistent across all platforms. This gives viewers a sense of familiarity and allows them to know that they are in the right place. There may be multiple people with your name out there, but only ONE that has your face. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and whatever new ones come out in the future, all are begging to be graced by your face!

So, put that new head shot out there. Oh, wait, you don’t have one? Well, I know someone that can help with that! Contact me today to set up your personalized head shot session!

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