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Mommy and me session with two red head daughters

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day 2018 is just around the corner so I thought I would give you some ideas. Finding a gift for mom isn’t always the easiest thing.Harrisburg Family Photos would be an amazing gift but I understand that not everyone can afford professional family portraits as a gift for mom. I certainly couldn’t have in high school. So let’s talk about what we can give mom that means something.

Idea 1

Make mom a card. Handmade gifts are always the best. As a mom, I LOVE when my children make me a card or a picture of some sort. Even now that they are teens, I think their drawings and cards mean even more because they took the time to create something thoughtful for me.

Idea 2

Make mom breakfast in bed. Personally, I don’t like to be woken up but I think if my children woke me up with breakfast, I would be ok with it. Nothing fancy. Coffee, toast or cinnamon rolls. Maybe just a bowl of cereal. Again, just the idea that they thought about me.

Idea 3

Make mom dinner. It’s always nice to not have to cook. It’s nice to sit back and relax and be able to eat and enjoy a meal that you didn’t have to slave over. My stepmom always says that things taste better when someone else makes them. Even if they just open a bagged salad and dump it in the bowl.

Harrisburg Family Photos of a mom, dad and daughter.


Idea 4

Clean something. Anything. Dust the house. Sweep the floor. Do the dishes. ANYTHING mom usually does or always has to ask you to do. Do it without her asking you. As a mom, it’s amazing when a child does a chore without being asked or nagged to do it. It’s SO NICE!! TRUST ME!!!

Idea 5

Cell phone photo shoot. While mom’s LOVE family memories to hang on their walls, like I said at the beginning, not all kids can afford Harrisburg Family Photos by a professional. But, we all love memories. I love looking at pictures of things we’ve done together and places we’ve been. So what better idea than to tell mom to get all dolled up, head out to the back yard and snap some selfies!. Those memories will be priceless!!Mother and 2 daughters at family campMother and daughterFamily of 3 on a family road trip

So what are you getting mom for mother’s day? Comment below with what you’re getting mom!

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