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Finding things to do in our area that don’t cost you your paycheck can be tough. Here’s 5 (maybe a few more) ideas for you and you may be able t even capture some Harrisburg Pictures while you’re at it!

Senior girls in summer clothes in airport hanger

Hershey’s Chocolate World

No matter how old you get or how many times you’ve been through it, you always find something new, leave singing the song and, I think, still with a free piece of chocolate. I honestly haven’t been there in years so maybe I’ll have to add this to my list of things to do this summer as well.

Go For A Bike Ride

When’s the last time you just went for a ride? Maybe with no destination? The wind in your face as you’re riding will help to cool you down on these 90-100 degree days. I find the idea of being alone on a bike kind of freeing, not that I’ve done that for years, either, but I like the idea of it. 🙂

Millworks Galleries

Did you know that right in Downtown Harrisburg, you can see all kinds of local artists work and it’s INSIDE and AIR CONDITIONED? Stop by The Millworks and check out the beautiful work of local artists and grab a bite to eat (that part will cost you) while you’re there!

Harrisburg Mural Photowalk

I think this is my favorite and I may have to create an event to start this (message me if you’d be interested in this), but grab some friends and head into Harrisburg and check out the local murals. Need some help finding them? Sprocket Mural Works has several of them listed on their site as most were created during their last mural fest. As you wander around, you may find more not on their site. I think it would be fun to get a group of people and my camera or your cell phones and let’s capture some awesome Harrisburg Pictures. My majorSENIORS Crew girls and I did this earlier this year. You can see some of those images in this blog post! There aren’t as many there as I thought so it looks like I need to get a blog up about that!!!

Harrisburg Pictures of three teen girls against a purple mural wall

State Capital Tour

I learned no too long ago that you could tour the State Capital for free and I thought most kids had done it in school. I guess my 13 year old didn’t so we may need to put that on our list. It’s absolutely beautiful in there and that’s before you know what’s going on behind the scenes. Have you taken a tour?

Senior girl in Navy Blue prom dress in Harrisburg State Capital
Senior girl in Harrisburg State Capital Building

Well, there you have it, 5 FREE things to do with summer. Want a few more? My poll on Instagram gave me a couple. How about a trip to Inner Harbor or swimming in a creek or stream? Know a friend with a pool? That’s always the best way to go. Farmer’s Markets are lots of fun, too. You can people watch and see beautiful colors of food and even splurge and grab a bite while you’re there. Sleeping was also mentioned as a free thing to do. I like that idea. How about hanging a hammock and reading a book?!

Ok, friends, that should get you through the summer. It is half over after all!!

Stop back here and tell me what you decided to try this summer and if you’re interested in that mural walk with me, contact me!

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