3 Outfit Ideas For Senior Pictures | Camp Hill, PA

How do you choose what to wear for your senior pictures?

This is probably one of the questions I get asked the most about senior pictures. Jodi, what should I wear? Luckily for you, it’s my job to help you figure that out and not leave you in sweats and a t-shirt for all generations of your family to make fun of for years to come. Unless sweats is you, then you do you, boo!!! If not, here’s 3 tips to help you start choosing your outfits, YES I said OUTFITS! You need more than one outfit!!

1~ START WITH YOUR FAVORITE OUTFIT! Bring an outfit along that you simply LOVE wearing. We’ll probably start your session in this outfit because you are already more comfortable in it, which will make you more comfortable in front of my camera. Jeans and a t-shirt. Jeans and a sweater. Your sports jersey and jeans. Whatever it is, make it YOU!

Brunette high school senior in blue top and grey sweater leaning against a wall

2~ SIMPLE & CLASSY! Choose an outfit that you can use for some more dressy shots. Choose a sun dress, romper or jumper that allows some movement and flow. This makes for great images. There’s some great prints and patterns out there. Spice it up with some stripes for an elongating look.

Long brown hair-senior in flower romper

3~GET ACTIVE! If sports were an integral part of your high school life, let’s capture that outfit, too. Track, football, basketball, cheer, etc. Have more than one? Let’s hang them out to dry and let you be the center of attention!

Senior girl in park posing with dance and cheer uniforms on clothes line

Your outfits can be anything that says YOU! I usually suggest your favorite outfit, mom’s favorite outfit and an outfit you choose together. It gives everyone something to be happy about when you come in to see your images at your reveal and ordering night. We will go over outfits at your pre-session consultation. We’ll plan outfits, accessories and locations, so don’t stress it. I’m here every step of the way for your senior pictures!

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