2018 majorSENIORS Crew | New Cumberland Photographer

Three strangers.

Three different schools.

Three nervous young ladies.

One Common goal…
Have an amazing time getting their pictures taken! Oh, and they might just become friends in the process.
In November 2015, I contacted many young ladies that had been recommended to me to be a part of my 2018 majorSENIOR Crew. 20 young ladies and their parents joined me for a parent meeting to hear all of the details of what I was offering. In the end, 3 young ladies chose to join the 2018 najorSENIORS Crew.

On January 2, these three young ladies and I got together to meet each other and take some fun images.
 This is the 2018 majorSENIORS Crew…
Mallory, Marina and Ciara both admitted to being nervous before they came and that they were afraid the other girls would be judgmental, as many people are. That’s part of the reason I wanted to start this program. To create a safe place, a community and to place to for young women to bond with others that they may not have gotten to know otherwise. High School can be tough. Girls in High School can be tough and we don’t get any better when we are out og high school. As a Central PA Senior Photographer and a former high school girl, I wanted to help the next generation have a place to go.

These three beautiful young ladies will represent the Central Pennsylvania Photography company, majorCLICKS Photography until they graduate in June 2018. As one of the benefits of being a Crew member, they will have the opportunity to be photographed in many holiday sessions, creative sessions and volunteer activities where they will be able to give back to the community.
I am so excited to get to know Ciara, Mallory and Marina in the coming year and to see them grow and grow together.

Check back on the blog the next few days to be introduced to each young lady personally. They are wonderful people.

If you are interested in being a part of the majorCLICKS family and scheduling your session, click HERE

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